The Empire

The Empire army roster:

Legendary Lords:


Emperor Karl Franz – Melee (Race Leader)

o Faction-wide trait: ‘Heir of Sigmar’ – soldiers flock to the Emperor’s banner as tales of his exploits reach the far corners of the Empire. As a result, Karl Franz finds it easier and cheaper to recruit for and build massive armies.


Balthasar Gelt – Caster (Lore of Metal)

o Faction-wide trait: ‘The Wheel of Magic’ – Gelt’s natural affinity for magical study improves both the cost of building centres of mystic learning and recruiting their mages to his forces, leading to a strong emphasis on magic supremacy on the battlefield.


– General of the Empire – Melee


– Captain of the Empire – Melee

– Warrior Priest – Melee/Caster

– Witch Hunter – Ranged

– Celestial Wizard – Caster (Lore of Heavens)

– Light Wizard – Caster (Lore of Light)


– Deathclaw (Karl Franz Only)

– Warhorse

– Barded Warhorse

– Imperial Pegasus

– Imperial Griffon

Melee Infantry:

– Halberdiers

– Spearmen

– Swordsmen

– Spearmen (Shields)

– Greatswords

Missile Infantry:

– Crossbowmen

– Hand Gunners

Melee Cavalry:

– Reiksguard

Melee Monstrous Cavalry:

– Demigryph Knights

– Demigryph Knights (Halberds)

Missile Cavalry:

– Pistoliers

– Outriders

– Outriders (Grenade Launchers)


– Lumiark of Hysh

– Steam Tank


– Great Cannon

– Helblaster Volley Gun

– Helstorm Rocket Battery


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